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panic attack

panic attack

panic attack

Suddenly, without introductions, a vague feeling possesses you that something is not right and that you are not feeling comfortable .. You get nervous, you are trying to occupy yourself with anything and forget what is happening .. You try to reassure yourself."Do not worry, there is nothing for a moment and you will be back to normal." But this does not happen, and you do not return to your normal life .. The feeling is increasing palpitations, a rapid heart rate, trembling and shaking .. What is this .. What is happening ?? Pain in the head as if there was a hammer hammering your head persistently .. severe dizziness and pain in the neck and an incomprehensible feeling as if something inside your body is attracting you from the inside up. You will collapse and fall to the ground without a doubt .. But you do  not fall

Your heartbeat reaches a crazy speed. Chest pain and sweat all over your face. You have a heart attach no doubt about this .. Fear and horror dominate you .. The story is over. It does not take much intelligence to know you are dying. If this is not death then how is it ?? But you also do not die .. Then a strange feeling begins to haunt you. you are dreaming!! This is not the real reality around you !! Everything around you is just an illusion that does not exist, you yourself are just an illusion !! who are you ?? And where you are ?? Are you really you ?? But you do not wake up from this nightmare !! What is this happening, help me, 

O God

The seconds go by like hours and minutes go by like an eternity. You will undoubtedly lose control of yourself or go crazy. You should ask for help. You cheer after hesitation because you cannot understand your suffering "Please help me I'm dying" You are quickly transferred to the nearest hospital, and in the meantime, the severity of the symptoms that plague you will gradually subside .. After harsh minutes of suffering, but the more it fades, the more weak and weak you become, as if you were emerging from a fierce battle. Fainting seems close. You arrive at the hospital exhausted and undergo medical examinations that confirm your safety and that there is no danger that threatens your life !!!!

If you ever had these difficult symptoms that afflict millions around the world and did not find an explanation for what happened, then you are safe and there are those who feel your suffering !! What you feel are the symptoms of a "panic attack", which is a disturbing psychological symptom that may appear within any of the mental disorders, especially phobic anxiety disorders, and it may appear alone, and we may sometimes see it in other anxiety disorders. A panic attack may be ignorant of many people, even doctors in other specialties may stand before it, unable to explain what happens to the patient in front of them, as his incomprehensible description confirms that he is exposed to something, and by examining it it is sound. Panic appears in the form of sudden episodes of physical symptoms accompanied by severe fear of death or loss of consciousness or mind and sometimes a feeling of alienation and unreality, "which is known as depersonalization - derelization disorder 

Certainly, the topic is scientifically greater than being mentioned in one article. In summary, we say that there are many reasons that may lead to panic attacks, but in our time the most common cause remains the intensity of stress with the frequent use of caffeine, which acts as a stimulant for the nervous system. And caffeine is present in varying concentrations in tea and coffee with their derivatives, some of which contain record levels of caffeine that stimulates stress and anxiety, and with the accumulation of doses, you may get a panic attack after which you will never feel that life is as it was before. Pay attention.

Rest assured, panic attacks do not cause death. You may suffer them once in a lifetime and may never recur. They are not a symptom of any serious chronic disease, but you will need to consult a psychiatrist in order to accurately diagnose your cases and reach whether it is just a fleeting attack or a symptom of problems Another psychic. Panic attacks are very easy to treat, unlike other psychological syndromes that may be difficult to cure, so visit the doctor and do not hesitate, he will prescribe an appropriate treatment, God willing, end your suffering, and the doctor may see that breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques are sufficient for your condition. Do not worry and do not stop your life while you are afraid and prepare for another attack that may come But in the end, it is without danger, God willing, after you knew about it what you were not aware of.


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تقنية "EMDR" لعلاج الصدمات و نوبات الهلع وغيرها من الأمراض النفسية.. ثورة طبية في علم النفس

تقنية "EMDR" لعلاج الصدمات و نوبات الهلع وغيرها من الأمراض النفسية.. ثورة طبية في علم النفس  يمضي الزمن ويمر ويكتشف العلم المزيد من الأمراض النفسية الصعبة العسيرة على العلاج التقليدي وعلى نفس الوتيرة تتطور أساليب العلاج الدوائية و الغير دوائية حتى تواكب الوتيرة المتسارعة للأمراض النفسية أفة العصر الحديث. و يعد العلاج بواسطة الاستثارة الثنائية لحركة العين (EMDR) واحدًا من أهم العلاجات المستخدمة حديثا في الطب النفسي ويعتبر ثورة حديثة في عام النفس وعلى الرغم من أنه قد تم ابتكار هذه التقنية منذ عشرات السنين وبالتحديد منذ عام 1987 إلا أنها قد اتخذت شهرة كبيرة مؤخرا لنجاحها الكبير في علاج والمساعدة في علاج الكثير من الأمراض النفسية المستعصية خصوصا تلك المتعلقة بالصدمات النفسية عسيرة العلاج المتعلقة بالذكريات المؤلمة والتي ظلت لسنوات طويلة بلا حل نهائي يريح المريض من عناء يومي ولحظي ليس له فيه يد. ما هو علاج الـ EMDR؟ العلاج بواسطة الاستثارة الثنائية لحركة العين (EMDR) و هي اختصار باللغة الانجليزية ل " Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing" هو أسلوب علاج نفسي يستخد